Our sterling silver rings are uniquely designed and come in all shapes and sizes. Dainty in size but sweet to have on your finger. They have twists, turns and embellished diamond chips to help support the main star of attraction: The Oregon Sunstone!

Oregon Sunstones vary in colors from clear champagnes to deep rare reds. In between are pale green and yellows, peachy to burnt oranges, or shades of rootbeer or two colored stones with red and green.  They are unique and each speaks to you differently. Some are bright and cheery, where as, others have a sparkle or moody tones to them. They can even change colors when taking them out into the sunlight. Sunstones in the red and green family have the ability to show you two colors: red from one direction and after turning it 90 degrees, it will change to green. This is called Dichroic.

When you own an Oregon Sunstone, appreciation for this newer gem on the market will be cherished!