Little bit about opal mining…

Eighty kilometers west of Guadalajara Mexico lies a quiet town called Magdalena. The surrounding valley is peppered with small Mexican privately owned Opal mines. These mines are open pit mines where opal is painstakenly hammered out of the hard rock rhyolite matrix. The Magdalena mines produce three types of opal. The jelly opal is in [...]

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So many shapes, sizes and colors!

Our sterling silver rings are uniquely designed and come in all shapes and sizes. Dainty in size but sweet to have on your finger. They have twists, turns and embellished diamond chips to help support the main star of attraction: The Oregon Sunstone! Oregon Sunstones vary in colors from clear champagnes to deep rare reds. In [...]

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You don’t need a crazy Spinner…

Fidgeting and Jewelry Go Together. We may not have the latest spinner craze, but we do have beautiful chain necklaces to twiddle with! These beaded beauties are affordably priced and comes in all shapes and colors. Our necklaces have pearls, quarts, citrines, marble, red garnets and more fun gems. Gems are divided by gold chain links of [...]

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